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Galvanopartners Małgorzata Zborowska-Stęplewska, Rafał Orłowski s.j. was established in May 2008 as an analytical and consulting company whose main field of competence is the automotive industry in Poland.

Our company was founded as a reply to growing demand for an entity that would monitor and deliver current information, reports and analyses related to this sector in Poland and also in other Central and Eastern European states.

Our services are mainly designed for managers of the automotive industry in Poland and foreign companies interested in this sector.

Our offer:
  • Analyses and reports that refer to manufactures of vehicles and suppliers in Poland and other states of Central and Eastern Europe as well as economic and financial results of the sector. We prepare reports to individual orders.

  • Quarterly review – first publishing house on the Polish market to systematically describe events taking place within automotive sector in Poland. The idea of this quarterly as to create a medium that would be devoted most of all to the local market and its specific nature. For this reason each issue presents profiles of suppliers from Poland, case studies and best practices related to solutions in given manufacturing plants. Our publishing house is a perfect mean to get to practically all most important companies of this sector. 

  • Preparing and conducting training projects making use of the Union means (confirmed by references)
    • Identification of financial assistance
    • Preparation of an application with annexes
    • Supervision over project execution and reporting
    • Trainings

  • Portal – only verified information. Our service facilitates exchange of information and offers:
    • news from manufacturers, automotive events (conferences, seminars, trainings),
    • press releases from companies within the automotive-associated environment,
    • analyses and reports related to automotive sector (production, employments, export, investments).
    • Base of production and non-production suppliers
    • Just like the quarterly this portal is an ideal marketing medium for companies that want to reach potential customers of this sector with their offer.

  • Newsletter - e-bulletin that is received every day by thousands of managers and contains the latest news from Poland and the world from the past 24 hours (Polish version).