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It was on a winter day in January 2004 when our Managing Partners J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff and Arndt G. Kirchhoff came together with Janusz Soboń to Esztergom (Hungary) for the first time. The purpose of their visit was to find a suitable location for the construction of a new KIRCHHOFF Automotive plant. Now the Esztergom location has celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The decision was made to invest in a greenfield. - The trigger for the construction of the plant in Hungary, however, did not come from us at that time. KIRCHHOFF Automotive is very fast and consistent when our customers have orders or challenges for us. In this case the Suzuki Motor Company challenged us. We had been supplying the customer for five years, but now he wanted to assemble a new vehicle line in Esztergom. If we wanted to supply them, we had to go to Esztergom - explained J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff in his speech.

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What started back then with 22 employees and one customer has now become one of the most advanced locations of KIRCHHOFF Automotive worldwide with over 900 employees; the number of customers has risen to over ten OEMs. - This makes not only our management team and my family proud, but especially the employees in Hungary - said J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff.