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On Thursday evening the Volkswagen Group presented its best suppliers with the "Volkswagen Group Award 2019" at the Porsche Visitor Centre in Leipzig. More than 200 guests from 19 countries attended this year's 17th award ceremony.
Dr. Stefan Sommer, Group Board Member for Components and Procurement, welcomed the guests: "We are dedicating the Group Award to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements and commitment. Today, the best 130 companies from a total of over 40,000 suppliers are represented here. We would like to thank you and your motivated employees for the successful cooperation".
The award was presented in six categories that reflect the most important topics of the ongoing transformation of the Volkswagen Group. The individual awards were presented by the category sponsors from the Board of Management of the Group and the Volkswagen and Volkswagen Components brands.
In terms of the future challenges for the Volkswagen Group and its business partners, Sommer said he expected the companies to become business partners and to jointly see the transformation in drivetrain technology as a challenge and an opportunity.
He called on the companies: "The Volkswagen Group regards itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainability. We are committed to CO2 neutrality in the year 2050. Take up your responsibility and support us with sustainability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain".
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