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With ground-breaking on April 11, 2019, by BWI Group and its partners, the new building located in close proximity of the Kraków-Balice, Poland, international airport, will provide 6,000 sqm of state-of-the-art laboratory space and 5,000 sqm of office space.
The new state-of-the-art Engineering Center, which is involved in the development of various suspension products, will integrate two Krakow branch offices, where more than 450 employees are located. According to Krzysztof Kucharczak, Director of the BWI Group Technical Center Krakow, the new location will provide an increased area for product development, such as a prototype, test, validation, material and metrology laboratories. Increased laboratory and manufacturing efficiency in the field of prototype construction will allow the implementation of more projects and improve the implementation time.
“Today we officially start the project that will enable the outstanding people on the BWI Krakow team to develop cutting edge product technologies and world-class manufacturing process which will attract current and future BWI customers, and take our BWI business to the next level.”, says Doug Carson, Assistant President & Global Director, Business and Product Development.
“As the largest core suspension tech center for BWI, TCK takes the most important role of providing engineering services for BWI global suspension manufacturing operations in Europe, NA and China”, explains Jiang Yun, BWI Group President & Chairman.
The opening of the new BWI Group Technical Center is planned for January 2020.