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paiiz logo new5 new investment projects appeared in Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) portfolio. Currently, the Agency runs 159 FDI projects with a total value of €2958.19m.

There are also 30,653 new jobs planned due to ongoing investments. Since the beginning of New Year, one, €5m-worth investment project was completed due to PAIiIZ support. The investor plans to create 150 new jobs in the nearest future.

In terms of country of investors' origin the leader among investment projects is US. The total value of 52 American investments is €999,61m (7152 new jobs are planned by companies from US). German investors are the second. The Agency currently runs 21 German FDI with a total value of €300,85m. 3,913 new jobs will create by German companies. France is the third on the list of the countries with the biggest number of investments supported by PAIiIZ  (11 FDI projects, worth €210,7m, 2369 new jobs). Following positions have been taken by investors from Japan (9 projects) and Italy (7 projects).

From the sectoral point of view, automotive and BPO are the most popular in Poland. The Agency runs 34 investment projects each. Automotive sector are worth €652,25m (6650 new jobs) in total while all ongoing projects from business process outsourcing have a value of €29,95m and can deliver 9,960 new jobs to Poland. Among others most popular sectors there are: R&D (18 projects worth €58,84m, 1,954 new jobs), electronics and aviation (10 projects each) and wood sector (9 investment projects).