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Boryszew Automotive Plastics (BAP) Group has received the Gold Award for European Suppliers of Toyota Boshoku in the category “Cost Improvement”.

The Group’s performance in 2019 was taken into account. The award confirms the effectiveness of BAP Group’s business development strategy, among the objectives of which is to maintain the Group’s position as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high-quality plastic components for the automotive sector.

In 2019, BAP Group supported Toyota Boshoku in the production and market launch of its new Rav4 model. Products from BAP factories can be found in most cars currently in use not only in Europe but also on other continents. Drawing on its wide knowledge and expertise and in cooperation with internationally renowned research institutes, the Group develops innovations as well as new technologies and material solutions to best meet the needs of the dynamically changing automotive industry.

“Our cooperation with Toyota Boshoku is expected to continue during the serial production of its new Rav4 model so that excellent joint results in terms of quality, cost and delivery can be achieved. As we know, Toyota is planning to focus on strengthening its presence in Russia in the nearest future. It is our intention to support our valued business partner in growing its operations in this location,” said Grzegorz Zalewski, President and CEO of BAP Group.

Boryszew Automotive Plastics Group brings together companies that specialise in the serial production of high-quality plastic components for the automotive sector, such as galvanized and varnished plastic parts as well as the injection moulds for their production. BAP’s products are used both inside and outside the cars.