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Smart Project Rokicki Śliwka Sp. k.a.

Smart Project Rokicki Śliwka Sp. k.a.


SMART Project is the largest process improvement consulting firm in Poland. We have completed projects for more than 300 companies in the FMCG, retail, manufacturing and automotive sectors. Our clients include Brenderup, CAT, Dr.Oetker, Empik, Eurocash, Good Food, Hebe, Kamis, Kreisel, Komputronik, Pepco or Volkswagen Group Polska. The implemented projects usually bring savings of 20-30%, leading to steady customer growth. We specialize in DMAIC / 6 Sigma, Lean Management and Prince methodologies.

We also specialize in business analytics, development of functional specifications for ERP, WMS, MES systems, etc. We run tests and implement IT solutions.

The SMART Project team consists of experts with years of experience in supply chain management and project management. Among us there are doctoral students from several renowned universities, graduates of MBA managerial studies and APICS international logistics studies (CPIM).

Areas of our business:

  • Distribution network design and transport cost reduction - tenders, contract negotiations, supplier selection, transport network design (including gravity point calculation), calculation of the number and location of warehouses and transshipment points, streamlining the planning process (fewer kilometers driven) and vehicle filling (reducing vehicle demand)
  • Design and improvement of warehouse processes - from process audits to implementation of improvement programs, selection of the most appropriate warehouse technologies, process automation, warehouse design, tendering for warehouse operators (including negotiation of contracts with 3PLs)
  • Design and improvement of production processes - from audits to Lean projects, including automation and robotization of production processes
  • Production planning, inventory cost reduction - defining and implementing improvement programs, including S&OP processes, designing and implementing IT planning tools and/or maximizing the use of available ERP functionality
  • Process engineering - process improvement through DMAIC or IT projects, starting with process mapping with BPMN 2.0 notation, collecting and systematizing business requirements, developing functional specifications for various IT systems (WMS, MES, ERP, CRM), coordinating programming work, software testing, implementation support and user training.

We carry out projects to sustainably increase profits and productivity in the following areas: production, transportation, design and improvement of warehouse processes, as well as production planning and inventory management.

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Service and production offer

We advise how to lastingly increase profits by productivity improvement and cost reduction in the following areas: production, transport, warehousing and stock management. By proper work organization, use of IT systems and trainings.

Contact person Natalia Pawlaczyk
Street ul. Zakopiańska 40/42/9
City Poznań
Postcode 60-474
Mobile phone +48 539 648 234
Province wielkopolskie