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GATNER GROUP Sp. z o.o. CNC Sp.k.

GATNER GROUP Sp. z o.o. CNC Sp.k.


Our company was open in 1997 and in 2014 we started a new department of machining CNC. Below please find the general profile of our company and the  variety of machines that we have. We are ready to invest in new devices in order to fullfil your expectations.

Our employees are highly qualified and experienced. We also use specialized software SolidWorks, Fusion360, and CAM-Power Mill.

Specific details

Machinery park
  • BROTHER R650 X1 High-speed 2-face pallet changer integrated with KUKA KR AGILUS robot X-650 Y-400 Z-305
  • BROTHER R450 X1 High-speed 2-face pallet changer integrated with KUKA KR AGILUS robot X-450 Y-320 Z-305
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine WENZEL X-1000 , Y-3000 , Z-800
  • MAZAK VTC 800/30SLR, 5-axis milling machine, X 3000,Y 800, Z 720,B +/-110st.C 360st
  • MAZAK VTC-530C 4-axis milling machine, X 1740, Y 530, Z 510
  • MAZAK VARIAXIS i700 5-axis milling machine, X 630,Y 1100, Z 600
  • MAZAK VARIAXIS i600 5-axis milling machine, X 510,Y 910, Z 510
  • MAZAK CV5-500 5-axis milling machine, X 730,Y 450, Z 470
  • MAZAK QT 250 MSY Smooth G turning center
  • CITIZEN CINCOM A20 Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe
  • GF AgieCharmilles CUT300 CNC WEDM, working area X 550,Y 350, Z 400
  • Plotter CNC Kimla 2100x4000x410 Deg: 360
  • GF DRILL 20, X 200 Y200 Z200
Service and production offer

OCurrently, we are making parts for automotive, railways, medical, machine, and other industries.

We handle such materials as aluminum, steel black, steel quality (hardness to 60 HRC), stainless steel and acid-resistant, cast iron, copper alloys and other non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, etc.), titanium, annealed alloys.

Certifications ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001
Contact person Wojciech Świerczyński
Street Brzeg 20
City Przyszowice
Postcode 44-178
Landline +48 32 722 41 24
Mobile phone +48 538 649 405
Province śląskie
Email biuro@gatner-cnc.pl