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Under the newly signed cooperation agreement, Kreisel and VinFast will jointly develop a battery pack that VinFast will market in its electric cars and buses in 2020.

On July 11, 2019, VinFast Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. (VinFast) announced a cooperation agreement with Kreisel Electric for the development of a battery pack solution for electric cars and buses that will be manufactured at the VinFast factory in Vietnam. Reasons that led to the decision for Kreisel were high quality, light weight, high safety and durability criteria.

As a pioneer in the field of batteries and energy solutions for electric vehicles, from road and water to air, Kreisel Electric is currently one of the most renowned companies in the new energy industry, with breakthrough solutions and technologies. Kreisel Electric’s products stand out for smart design, compactness, good heat dissipation, high safety and fast charging without affecting durability and battery life. In addition, low cost and high performance are additional advantages of the Kreisel battery technology, which was honored with numerous awards. On July 10, 2019, Kreisel Electric received the Product Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research and consulting firm. This is a prestigious award for companies with pioneering products and technologies that can change the world.

The agreement with Kreisel Electric affirms VinFast’s strategy of “cooperating with leading companies”, helping to ensure VinFast vehicles are equipped with the most advanced technologies. - We believe that Kreisel Electric provides trend-setting solutions for VinFast’s electric cars and will contribute in convincing consumers with quality and safety - said Le Thi Thu Thuy - vice president of Vingroup and chairwoman of VinFast. Thanks to the cooperation with Kreisel, VinFast can speed up its production of electric cars and buses allowing it to market its electric vehicles based on Kreisel technology in 2020.

About Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG

Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG, based in Rainbach, Austria, offers innovative system solutions for all areas of e-mobility and stationary applications. The company was founded in 2014 by the three brothers Johann, Markus and Philipp Kreisel and has been one of the pioneers of a new era of e-mobility and electrification in the world ever since. Originally driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive into all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries. The company’s projects now range from passenger cars, buses and trucks to boats and airplanes as well as stationary storage solutions.